dressing we looked at the boat. It really is a beautiful
ship, and wonderful deck space. A whole tennis court on
the top deck. Then another breakfast with Lucy + more talk.
We also saw Allen Cameron who is reteering [sic] as head of the
Canadian Pacific in the Orient and an old friend of Pete's
father. We also met Mrs De Muth who has made eleven
cruises (four or five of them around the world) is an artist +
with her husband make sketches which are printed by
mimeograph and given to the passengers about the ports of
call etc. Then we had to rush back to Tokyo to meet
the Miyaokas for lunch. Its 45 minutes on the train.

They came for us about eleven thirty, and we were to
meet some other Boston people who were also henchmen? with
us. Mr Pennett came first and said he had known father
and knew Russ very well, in fact Russ had been to the
house a lot. He's a director of the First National Bank. Then
his wife and daughter Priscilla came. They had started
out on the Britain to go as far as Cairo but had liked it
so well had stayed all the way. We were bundled into
cars and started off to a very nice and very Japanese
restaurant near Ueno Park, across the pond from the University.
Mrs Okura + her daughter were expected too, but had been
delayed. We had a most delightful and very typical
Japanese dinner with dozens of courses, and we enjoyed
it all very much. We sat at little low tables around the
room, with elbow rests in between. It was a lovely room
with windows looking across the pond. We sat Pete, Mrs
{pen diagram of the room with 9 numbered tables placed in a U around the right end of the room,
with windows in the top right corner, takes up 5 vertical lines}
Miyaoka, Mrs Demuth, Mr Miyaoka, Priscilla
Pennett, Mrs Pennett, Mrs Okura, myself
and Mrs Okura's daughter. We began with
steaming towells [sic] being brought in little baskets.
Very refreshing. Then the first course, a
cold appetizer I think. Then soup, fish, more fish, chicken livers
etc etc. I can't possibly remember the order now.

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