Imperial Hotel
I should have written you that evening if things had happened
differently. I do know that we had some very interesting tasting
dishes, different kinds of raw fish we dipped in sauce, another
dish with mussells [sic] and bamboo, another with livers or some
thing strung? on pieces of wood like toothpicks, Sake with it
all and tea at the beginnning and in the end, a salt watery
drink made by salting cherry blossoms buds, which opened
when the boiling water was poured on them. They looked very
pretty floating in the water, but though the drink was suppposed
to aid digestion I didn't like it awfully well. I remember
now we started with lima beans rather sweet in a dish.
It was all beautifully served by three or more girls, their hair
in the old fashioned way. I really think the girls look prettier
as they wear their hair now. We also had fresh strawberries
which are grown all the year in certain sections. The plants are
put in high walls (sloping) facing south. The berries have
so much flavor, are very large and wonderful.

After lunch all the ladies were put into one car to be taken to
the subscribers party, and Pete + Mr Penmet? were left standing
on the sidewalk with Mr Miyaoka. They walked, luckily Pete
knew the place we were going. We spent a long time turning
round in a square, for everwhere was crowded with people
for they were celebrating the birthday of Budda [sic]. So the men
got there way ahead of us by walking.

The last few days newspaper men have been calling on us
and leaving cards, for we are never in, and Friday night Pete
went to the office for something and they caught him. They had
heard we were here and wanted a picture of us. Pete said
as I was the Grand daughter they didn't need him, so he
didn't have to be taken. They had called us in the morning

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