tripped in the stream +
fell on [Ru...?] + [head?].
Got one foot wet [dash] thats all
Lunch at 1 [dash] rest till 2
camp 3:20 on Siffleur
having gone about 16 miles
Camp right on bank of river
Go swimming in a stream
of clear water back of camp
with Busty. others go
in river further down
Look at [..ap? ] + have supper.
Very warm {carat: 'awfully thirsty'}. [Read?] journey
to the [m?oon] [dash] by Verne
abbreviated [dash] Play "teakettle"
around fire. Cocoa + bed.
Sun 12 [dash] Wake up at 5 for walk
Awfully sleepy.

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Possibly refers to the French author Jules Verne who wrote several books with 'moon' in the title: "Around the Moon" and "From the Earth to the Moon".