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Barbara at Jan 11, 2022 01:33 PM


Monday we took the car back and were much relieved to have that affair settled,

for when we bought it, one of the inducements for buying it was the good resale

value it would have and then when we went back the salesman promptly forgot

what he had said before. Pete '& I ?' felt like swindlers but decided to stick to our

facts though it ruined two days for us [d....ing]. We knew we were in the right,

but it was merely the fact of the salesman over talking & making rash promises.

However, Mr Campbell the head man was very nice and straightened it all out

for us. When we went down Monday who should we ran into but Jimmy Wilder.

he works there and we never knew it. he was great and wanted us to go to his

house for cocktails Wednesday. which we did.

Most of Monday and Tuesday we packed. I did up nummerable packages of

books and a few old clothes, pasted Pete's sketches in a book etc. We had lots

of paper but no string, so in