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{Centre aligned, printed in blue} LAKE O'HARA CHALET-BUNGALOW CAMP
{Centre aligned, printed in blue} HECTOR, B.C.
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switch backs took us up quite easily. There
were several patches of snow we had to cross
but it wasn't a hard climb and we only
rested once or twice. Going down the ridge we
suprised four lovely dear who bounded away
down the hill into the trees. It was interesting
to think that deer will go down a mountain for
safety where as goats or sheep would go up.

It was so windy on top of the Pass that we
couldn't really stay and sketch and going
down the other side was pretty hard work on
the legs. It was what is called scree all loose
rock which slides with you. With an ice axe
you can sometimes break yourself, but with
packs it was harder keeping your balance.
It was quite a long way down about 20 minutes
of it and when we reached the bottom we had
our lunch of sandwiches & chocolate and an
orange. We had to climb again though quite
gradually up Opabin?. There was a large
glacier to walk over but the snow wasn't
deep enough to make it hard. It was cloudy
most all day but lovely looking down from
the Pass towards O'Hara. It was funny to
see on the ice all sorts of bugs, evidently
blown there by high winds, also goat tracks.
We slid down the snow on the other side which
was fun. You can almost skate in it.
After we got down off the glacier we did a good
deal of wandering about not knowing quite
where to camp. Its really an old stamping ground

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