order to hold the bundles together until
we could get some. I used that 'leikum?'
paper" they put on packages in stores.
Its most convenient, but I regreted it
later for on Thursday afternoon when
I dashed to the window in the post office
with my arms full of bundles, the
man told me I had to take every bit
of 'leikum?' stuff off or pay letter postage.
I noticed through the window all the
packages the man before me had mailed,
were being carefully openend for 'fruit?'
I guess. I thought of the pains I had
taken to do my things up. Before I
forget it I better tell you about the
various bundles. In the rush at
the last minute I forgot everything.
You see I am breaking up. In one
box coming by express is a present
for you from Pete, with directions
inside of how to erect the object.
In another package with green paper
(I think) is the same thing object
also with directions inside which
we intended sending to 'Margee?'

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