Imperial Hotel

and snowed consistently all day. I've never seen a much prettier
sight. From Mr Hotlas' house one can look over the roof tops which
are mostly tiled, some being temple roofs. A few trees in the
gardens and everything covered with soft fluffy clinging
snow. It was fairly chilly when we first arrived, but the charcoal
fires were kept going. three of them, and an electric heater
was brought from some where. We are thinking of taking a brazier
home with us, its so wonderful to toast ones feet on. It was
soon warm enough to take ones coat off, but it was quite a
while before they seemed anxious to paint. However the brisk
air was conducive to work and we painted a whole bamboo
forest, with a fresh cup of tea every little while, and a
brown square pasty thing, much more pleasant to eat than
the pink one. More jelly like. Mr Hotla sent out for a young
friend who has studied English in Commercial school in
Kyoto and who is having vacation. {word struck out: "She"} He was a great help
and with the aid of his dictionary and idioms could
interpret very well. Mrs Hotla brought her little daughter up, aged
three, who was bundled up in a red blanket coat and orange
stockings. She came in with the minutest dog clasped tightly
inside the coat, just his head sticking out by her neck. But
in spite of carring him she was able to make a very low
bow to us both. She was too cunning and so good and
quiet, though she was there most all day, and would sit
on her mothers' knee by the fire. The little dog was only
six inches long, a tiny puppy and had a bright red silk
quilted coat around his middle. When he climbed up he
would walk out of it, but the rest of the time. his feet
would remain in the holes for sleeves. He quite evidently
wasn't house broken. Pete saw him the first time and
Mrs Hotla grabed him the second, we were all too late

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